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Cat Litter Box Furniture 99
HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The modern cat litter enclosure features a sleek and contemporary design. There are 2 transparent doors on the front, allowing you observe your feline friend stay in this decorative cat cabin, while keeping the front door...
$199.99 $189.99
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Dog Crate Furniture 146
【3 ROOMS】This large dog crate with dividers is suitable for 3 or more dogs to rest and prevent them from fighting each other. You can remove the dividers to make it an extra large luxury crate for large breed dogs....
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Dog Crate Furniture 151
【CHANGEABLE SPACE ROOM】Our large dog crate furniture is equipped with a removable divider in the middle of the two cages. You can easily switch between one or two rooms by assembling and disassembling. 【L SHAPE MAKES FULL USE OF SPACE】Our...
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Elevated Dog Bowls Stand with Storage
【Great Room Saver】: With this dog feeding station cabinet, you can clean the feeding area. The top panel can be opened for extra storage space. With the storage function, you can put doggie related stuff. The overall size is: 23.6''L...
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Cat Litter Box Enclosure

It makes your room tidier and insulates the odor of the litter, creating an environment with a sense of security for your cat.

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Dog Crate Furniture

Dog crate is designed with freely removable divider bars, allowing each dog to have its own safe nest even in multi-dog households.

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Other Animals' Cage

Lovinouse also sell cages for other pets, there are not many types at the moment, we will design more pet cages in the future, so stay tuned.

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